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Fourth generation Floridian that has been kidnapped and held hostage in Ohio.  Graduated from the University of Florida for BS in 1986 and DVM in 1992.  Start numerous holistic veterinary training all over the US in 1994.  Became a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist from the Chi Instiute in 2001.  Reiki 1 and 2 from Anthony Thelemann.  Reiki Master on 4/7/07 from Maha Najd of  Loves all animals, camping, and trail riding.  Vice President of Wood County Ohio Horse Council  2005 -10/4/09. Member of Friends of Van Buren State Park ( , American Veterinary Medical Association, and American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.   

Ordained as a minister of the
Universal Life Church, Modesto, California.
Date of Ordination: 10/02/09
by Kevin Andrews, Pastor

Dr. Snell did speek at the 2008 International Ferret Congress below is the speaker interveiw by Renee Downs:


Sandra Snell
The mother of a 6 year old with 300 miles of trails under her velcro
butt just this year, Sandra Snell is an unconventional veterinarian. Although she
practices conventional medicine, Dr. Snell takes a holistic approach
to medicine and to life. Coral, the six year old, is in the first
grade and already a Reiki/energy healer on pets and people.
For fun you can find Dr. Snell – and her daughter – out on a trail
ride. When the evening comes, she will be participating in another of
her favorite activities, camping with her horses. It sounds as if the
vet is a lot like her heroine, the fictitious Dr. Quinn, Medicine
Woman. Actually, Dr. Snell admires anyone like her heroine, who,
although "Fighting the odds because of gender and location" was "still
open minded enough to try different healing ideas and ways." If she
could share this time with anyone, it would be "my maternal
Grandfather.  Everyone loved him, he was very funny and he died when I
was very young."
Like some other ferret vets, Dr Snell does not have any of her own.
She recalls that her first experience occurred when a "client walked
through the clinic door with one.  None have stayed longer than 2
weeks, they were just boarding." Even though they are not with her
daily, Dr. Snell states, "I love all animals."
Dr. Snell's most memorable ferret moment is one that has been shared
by many of us! And, it is also one of the most terrifying. However,
her reaction was NOT to reach for the benadryl or the epinephrine. As
she tells it, "I was treating a couple of ferrets that were flat out,
almost dead from vaccination reactions . . . I did NAET
( on them and they were back
to normal in about 3 minutes."
To relax, Dr. Snell likes to "play my Native American Drum & Flute or
spend time in nature." She may also be found watching TV, or, like
many other busy people, sleeping. She may also be listening to country
or Native American music or enjoying her favorite "The Horse
Whisperer" in one of its many media forms.
A woman who has a lot going on in her life, Dr. Snell would you like
to be remembered as many things. In one person she is a "Mother,
Healer, Friend/Loved One, Teacher." And her favorite memory? That
would be the "birth of my daughter."
When I first moved to Corpus Christi, my new vet was also the weasel
doc at the aquarium. He gave me a prescription of Chinese pills for my
ferret. I am willing to bet that Dr. Snell can actually tell me what
they do! Come hear her presentations on alternative medicine and
animal communication at the Pittsburgh Symposium. For additional
information about Dr. Snell, please visit her website at
To use Dr. Snell, you may schedule an appointment at:
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1277 State Highway 67 N
Sycamore, OH 44882
Phone: (419) 927-2548
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International Ferret Congress
The slides can be accessed at:




4.5 years old.

George is her first patient.

Teacher and Attunement by Anthony Thelemann.